The Healing Cooperative

The Healing Cooperative is an organization which operates in the US, Canada, and Israel, and provides PRACTITIONERS and ADMIRERS of the HEALING and CREATIVE arts with the opportunity to come together each month to share, meditate, learn, network, and heal!

Monthly meetings in FAIRFAX, VA and TORONTO, ON. Healing Retreats at SUN & SEA in the GALILEE, The Healing Cooperative Retreat Center in Northern Israel.

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What modalities of healing do you practice?


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The Healing Cooperative

Are you a practitioner in the healing arts looking to expand your practice?

Are you a new practitioner looking to increase practice hours for your modality?

Would you be interested in learning more about holistic healing?

Does the body, mind, spirit approach to healing appeal to you?

Do you seek healing of the body, mind, spirit?

Try our monthly meetings!  in FAIRFAX, VA and TORONTO, ON

The Healing Cooperative Retreat Center in Northern Israel is also available for private stays and Healing Retreats!

571 225 0215

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The Healing Cooperative - Weekday Offerings!

Private Healing Sessions - 90 min/$60 By Appt

Including: Intuitive Therapeutic Art Card Reading, Essential Oil Consultation and Application, REIKI Energy Healing, Chakra Balancing


Group Classes / Workshops / Shares - 2 hrs/$20pp (3-6)

*Seven Year Cycles Workshop: Watercolor / Biographical Healing

*Artist as Healer Workshop: Pen and Ink / Healing with Color, Line, Form

*Intention Scrolls Workshop: Clay / Prayers and Blessings

*Vision Board Mandalas Workshop: Pen and Ink, Collage / A tool for Meditation and Manifestation

*REIKI and Art Workshop: Watercolor, Salt, Energy Healing / Art of Energy Healing

*Kabbalah and Art Workshop: Acrylic, Beads / The 72 Names

*Symbols and Signs: Acrylic, Beads / Cho Ku Rey and Say Hey Kee

*REIKI Shares

*Guided Meditation Classes w/ drumming, chanting, oils, herbs

Offered with love and gratitude

Susan Taylor-Gol

571 225 0215

Sun & Sea in the GALILEE
The Healing Cooperative Retreat Center

Sun & Sea in the GALILEE

The Healing Cooperative Retreat Center

I am a REIKI Practitioner, Therapeutic Arts Facilitator, Essential Oil Consultant, Meditation Leader, and Founding Director of The Healing Cooperative :)

So I guess I’ve started a blog!

Welcome to The Healing Cooperative!